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Produce Safety Rule Resources

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Resources to support your learning about produce safety and the Produce Safety Rule under FSMA.

  1. Preventive Controls for Human Foods Qualified Individual Training Courses
  2. Produce Safety Alliance – Upcoming Grower Training
    • Online grower training course
    • Remote delivery course
    • In-person training, hosted in locations throughout Colorado (please check our calendar for offerings)
  1. Tree fruit (EnglishSpanish)
  2. Onions (EnglishSpanish)
  3. Chiles (EnglishSpanish)
  4. Sprouts, Microgreens and Leafy Greens (English)

**All covered produce – Produce Safety Rule information (English)

Resources exploring key legal questions associated with the FSMA Produce Safety Rule, including:

Dropped covered produce is a term that is unique to the Produce Safety Rule and refers to covered produce that drops to the ground before harvest. Dropped covered produce does not include:
• root crops that grow underground (such as carrots);
• crops that grow on the ground (such as cantaloupe); or
• produce that is intentionally dropped to the ground as part of harvesting (such as walnuts).

For more information and examples, consult this FDA factsheet.

  • Here is a checklist of best practices for organizations that aggregate fresh produce and for farmers who sell their produce to aggregators (Word, PDF)
  • Guide to Food Safety Certification for Food Hubs and Food Facilities (PDF)