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Food Safety Modernization Act Resources

FDA has several resources available for education on FSMA rules and guidance, and implementation of the rules through alliance partnerships.

  1. Education/training: three Alliances provide training to help domestic and foreign food businesses understand the requirements of the preventive controls regulations and the Produce Safety Rule. For more information on these Alliances and educational opportunities, see:
    1. Produce Safety Alliance (PSA)
    2. Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA)
    3. Sprout Safety Alliance (SSA)
  2. Produce Safety Network: supports the efforts of farmers, regulators, and other key stakeholders to implement the rule. The network consists of FDA produce safety experts, located in various locations throughout the country. See this map for additional detail.
  3. Technical Assistance Network (TAN): central source of information for questions related to the FSMA rules, programs, and implementation strategies.
    1. Popular TAN Questions
    2. Contact the TAN
  4. FDA and USDA have funded several Regional Food Safety Centers that support comprehensive food safety training and education under FSMA.

FDA has created and funded Compliance Cooperative Agreement Centers to serve special audiences in FSMA-related food safety training and education.