For more information or support with FSMA, call 970-491-3330 or Email Us .

Listed below are collaborators who are available to help with understanding the Produce Safety Rule, and respond to your produce safety questions.

Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez

(970) 491-3192

Dr. Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez has over 20 years of research, extension and business experience in food safety focusing on fresh produce and minimally processed food environments. He has worked with the food industry in Latin America and the U.S supporting FSMA training in fresh produce, preventive controls for human food and the foreign supplier verification regulations.

Martha Sullins

(970) 491-3330

Martha Sullins is an Extension Specialist in Agriculture, Business Management and Food Systems and a Produce Safety Rule Lead Trainer. She conducts workshops in Good Agricultural Practices, creates resources and materials to help Colorado growers increase their produce safety knowledge, and is on the food safety committee for the Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association.

Beth LaShell

(970) 385-4574

Beth LaShell is an Instructor in Agriculture and Biology as well as the farm coordinator at the Old Fort, at Fort Lewis College. She is a Produce Safety Rule Lead Trainer in Southwest Colorado.

Dr. Tamla Blunt

(970) 491-7498

Dr. Tamla Blunt leads the Plant Pathology Lab and the CSU Food Safety Center, and is a Produce Safety Rule trainer.

Adrian Card

(303) 678-6383

Adrian Card serves as the CSU Extension Agent in Agriculture and Natural Resources in Boulder County since 2004, where his work focuses on cropping systems, food systems, specialty crop production and marketing, public ag education, beginning farmer development through the Colorado Building Farmers program, ag community development, economic development, and organizational development support for the Colorado Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association.

Michele Ritchie

(719) 520-7676

Michele Ritchie is a Produce Safety Rule Trainer and is a member of the statewide team offering the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Trainings and On-Farm Readiness Reviews. She is certified in Implementing Good Agricultural Practices: A Key to Produce Safety and has been trained and works as a volunteer Wildlife Master. Michele also collaborates with Extension colleagues, the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and industry professionals to offer agricultural risk and business management education to farmers in Colorado.