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Farm Registration

In 2019, the Colorado General Assembly passed HB19-1114, which authorized the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) to adopt the Produce Safety Rule under state authority. This bill was supported by Colorado producers and passed largely because Colorado produce growers preferred to have the CDA conduct the inspections over a federal agency.  As part of this legislation, all covered farms, and those eligible for a qualified exemption, are required to register with the CDA. Registration will occur annually in November and December. A few notes on registration:

  • Farms are encouraged to create a new registration or update their existing registration at any time during the year.
  • Registration can be completed online or you may request a paper application. To request a paper application, please contact the program staff listed below. The online registration is a simple 5-minute process in which you will provide basic contact information and information on the types of produce you intend to grow, harvest, pack, or hold in the upcoming season.
  • There is no cost to register. The CDA’s Produce Safety Program is funded through a cooperative agreement with the FDA.
  • CDA will not ask for any financial information or business records when you register. However, CDA will ask you to categorize the size of your farm, based on your average produce sales for the three years period of 2017-2019:
    • Exempt from the Rule (Below $28,075)
    • Very Small Farms ($28,075 – $250,000)
    • Small Farms ($250,000 – $561,494)
    • Large Farms (greater than $561,494)
  • Lastly, CDA will not make your information available to the public nor will it be shared with the FDA. The exception would be an outbreak of a foodborne illness linked to your farming operation where the CDA and FDA collaborate to address public health and safety.

For more information or assistance please reach out to program staff at or 303-869-9284.